Phoscao Cafe

Phoscao Cafe.

Having walked past this little hole in the wall cafe several times and, almost without fail, being startled from my brooding thoughts by the automatic sliding glass door, I’ve often wondered to myself what this place was all about. Unlike most cafes, which are usually more open and full of windows for free observation of the outside world, Phoscao is recessed in the depths of the building that houses it.

Obscured from casual observation of the regular passer by, it’s almost as though one has to purposefully seek a reason to venture into this joint. Luckily my partner in crime wanted a caffeine fix and this was the most convenient spot.

The cafe floor opens up from the narrow entrance way to accommodate the main seating area. The husband and wife owners of the shop were both behind the counter and quite willing to start up a conversation. Actually, this post will probably focus more on their story rather than what they offer in the way of refreshments.

Everything appeared to be meticulously maintained in this little coffee shop, which just shows the level of care exhibited by the proprietors.

The owners of the business told me that they were the former owners of Caffe Barney, which is located just a few doors down on Granville Street. Sounding a little sore about leaving the business they built up to someone I inferred from the conversation as being “less than worthy” they recalled the story of starting all over again with the opening of this competing venue.

My cohort and I were really only looking for some refreshments so we snagged a couple of drinks and enjoyed them.

This post is more of a service to the owners rather than a review as I sympathized with their situation. They seem to be in business not so much for the money, but more so for enjoyment of the work. So if you happen to be passing by the somewhat jarring front door, why not stop in and grab a drink or a snack?

Phoscao Cafe
3007 Granville Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 730-9555

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  1. Jy says:

    I have been coming here very often recently and quite enjoy the ambiance and the way the owner interacts with his customers. Nice little place.

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