Mahony and Sons Burrard Landing

Mahony and Sons Public House Burrard Landing.

After working a casually close knit family & close friends half day wedding with Tomasz Wagner in the summer the two of us were starved and looking for some patio food to enjoy in the comfortable summer weather. Joined by Jessie Cheng, we made our way over to Mahony and Sons Public House, which is situated at one of the corners of the Vancouver Convention Center jetty. This is a bit of an antiquated post as it somehow slipped through the cracks, but it’s still worthy of publishing for reference sake.

There is an extensive patio that borders both sides of the restaurant and that makes for a very casual location for a summertime drink or dining experience. The views out on the water are quite nice and the chill atmosphere is only occasionally broken by the take off and landing of seaplanes from the docks located just to the west.

The entrance to the Public House faces out towards the giant water droplet statue and views of Canada Place.

I haven’t dined within the confines of the restaurant itself before, but it looks to be a comparable counterpart to the comfort of summertime patio lounging.

Wooden benches and chairs seat adorn the glassed in patio area and there were enough staff waiting on tables to flag one down at leisure. Service was friendly in the usual manner and there were enough patrons outside to facilitate that muted din associated with popular restaurants. In fact no one wanted to dine inside as the shaded patio was perfectly comfortable.

Ordering up a couple of beer samplers, we enjoyed the late afternoon while awaiting our food.

Cool coasters.

I ordered the Roasted Mahi Mahi Tacos with a side of French Onion Soup. The fish was cooked near perfectly as it was tender, flavourful and very moist. The chipotle mayo, pico de gallo and guacamole all helped to spice up the chopped cabbage with a fresh and piquant taste. The french onion soup was savoury and rich thanks to the bubbly cheese topping.

A grilled veggie baguette came next and it made for a good vegetarian choice. The bread was perhaps a bit thick and overbearing for the less than substantial filling, but that was balanced by the powerful flavours imparted by the truffled mushrooms, grilled zucchini, red peppers and chipotle mayo. The sandwich was sided by a caesar salad that was tossed with just enough dressing and Parmesan cheese.

Fish and chips also made an appearance at the table. The fish was thickly battered and moist and the fries were fresh from the fryer. The coleslaw provided a bit of a different texture and flavour to break up all of the deep fried foods.

This Mahony and Sons location makes a great spot for enjoying good weather in Vancouver. I can’t wait to enjoy another meal here once the weather sorts itself out. Even though this post is a bit older, it was nice to find a spot of summer amid my hobbies!

Mahony & Sons Public House Burrard Landing
36-1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 647-7513

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