Las Tortas Gourmet Mexican Sandwiches

Las Tortas Gourmet Mexican Sandwiches.

During the summer I had an insatiable craving for Mexican food. I couldn’t for the life of me explain it. Maybe it had to do with a number of Mexican restaurants springing up and catching my attention. Regardless of how my hankering came about, I decided my friend and I would try a different place for lunch one day. And so we found ourselves at the front entrance of Las Tortas.

Located on Cambie Street, I had actually never realized Las Tortas was a sandwich joint. I somehow got the idea in my head that there was a Mexican restaurant on Cambie and that we should go see what it was all about. Maybe the signage caught the corner of my eye while stuck in traffic or I had spotted it while walking on the street, but I subconsciously knew it was there and that it needed to be conquered.

The restaurant is a bit on the small side, but everything about it looks fairly new. The staff are very friendly and were politely inquisitive when I asked if I could take photos.

The girl working the cash register quickly noticed that it was our first time there so she cheerily lead us through the ordering procedure at the side table.

The routine for ordering is actually pretty simple, but it was nice to be shown the ropes. As shown above, one decides what they would like to eat, then checks off their selection on the paper bag and finally hands their bag off to the staff for ordering and payment.

This is the bag one uses to place their order and actually ends up holding the prepared food. I thought it was kind of a novel idea.

After placing our orders my friend and I sat back at the window seat and eagerly awaited our food. Whilst ordering I spotted an interesting Mexican soft drink by the register and the chef recommended I give it a try. Apparently Jarritos is pretty popular in Mexico. It tasted pretty good and amazingly like a fizzy mandarin orange creamsicle! To be honest, I don’t drink much pop these days, but I still think it just tastes better in an ice cold glass bottle.

Our food was ready in a few minutes and the receipt listed all of my food. I might have gone a bit overboard with the ordering, but I wanted to try as many things as possible (plus the name of this blog isn’t dainty eater with a camera!).

First out of the bag was the in house made potato chips. These were seriously good. Freshly flash fried and crispy to a fault. To my surprise the chips didn’t soak the bag through with oil. These are a definite must try if you dine at Las Tortas.

Next out of the bag was my tri-order of taquitos. As Las Tortas offers three varieties of taquito I thought it only fitting to give all three types a try. In no particular order there are chorizo & potato, pierna (slow roasted pork) & potato and cheese and potato taquitos available. It should be noted that taquitos here are sold in threes.

The taquitos were not quite what I expected. The outer shell, which seemed to be flour based instead of being made out of a corn tortilla, was a bit thicker, almost fluffy, and not fried to a crisp. The interior of all three was mostly seasoned potato, but each hinted at their specific filling. Although the taquitos weren’t heavy on flavour, that made them good vessels to pick up the tastes of the extra sauces I ordered.

The four sauces above are (clockwise from the top) a chipotle aioli, fresh made guacamole, salsa roja and sour cream. The aioli and salsa are suppose to be eaten with the potato chips, while the guacamole and sour cream are meant to be added to your sandwich, but there really is no reason you couldn’t mix and match to suit your own tastes. The guacamole was especially good. One should note that the sauces come with an extra cost attached.

Finally, getting down to the bottom of the bag, I managed to reach my sandwich. I ordered the Pierna (slow roasted pork). All of the tortas made at Las Tortas include thick cut tomato, cabbage, pickled onions, jalapenos, guacamole, refried beans, butter & mayo. The bun is soft, light and absorbs a lot of the flavours and sauces that are put into it. The cabbage & pickled onions mix together into a sort of slaw and the jalapenos, mayo and butter just add layer upon layer of rich tastes to the whole thing. All of those previously mentioned ingredients mentioned are there in kind even before one gets to the main star of the dish, which in this case was sort of like braised pork. Tender and flavourful, I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it all was together. This was definitely an enjoyable meal.

My friend ordered the Pollo a la Parrilla, which is grilled chicken breast that has been marinated in lime. This was also a great sandwich. I recommend that you eat these tortas as soon as possible as there are a lot of moist ingredients in it and I’m not certain how well the bun would hold up over extended periods of time.

At the very bottom of my bag was this Fresh ‘n Moist Towelette, which really came in handy as the sandwich was a bit of a messy affair.

Las Tortas was definitely a great experience. The food was fresh and different and the service was friendly. I definitely can’t wait to go back!

Las Tortas Gourmet Mexican Sandwiches
3353 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 569-1402

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On a side note: My apologies to readers who might not think this is my strongest photography work (admittedly it is not). I’ve found that blogging about this meal from the summer is kind of a great way to show how my photo editing has evolved. I’ll usually edit my photos within about a week of taking them, but I may not get around to blogging about my eating experience until weeks (or sometimes months) later. I probably should have re-edited these photos for publication, but it’s nice to see how I can and have improved. Hopefully the photos don’t detract too heavily from my conveyance of the food and eating experience. I assure you that this is only a temporary backup of blog posts and that my photos and subsequent editing should smooth out (with any luck!).

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