Go Fish (Broadway)

Go Fish (Broadway).

Who doesn’t like fish and chips? I know I do. It’s for this reason that I was looking forward to giving the new Go Fish, located on Broadway near Granville Street, a try. I mean for such a simple type of food, it’s something that I don’t have very often and when I do, it’s something I usually enjoy.

I unfortunately missed the exterior shot of the venue, but it’s about mid block (west of Granville) and right next to the alleyway. The interior has all been redone and gives off a sort of retro, swanky vibe. I noticed that there were quite a few staff members milling about the narrow space, especially when you factor in that there aren’t all that many seats to attend to.

After ordering our table was outfitted with the requisite ketchup and malt vinegar. The staff were pleasant enough and mostly prompt.

I ordered the  salmon & cod fish and chips. Each piece was delicately battered and likewise deep fried. A bit more effort is put into presentation here as this is a sit down restaurant as opposed to their food stall like location on Granville Island. As you can see they used the lemon wedge to smear the tartar sauce across the plate, which is a nice touch, but they also laid my piece of fish down on said smear which took away from the crispness of the batter. This last note barely qualifies as an issue, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

The coleslaw, the addition of which helped to break up the monotony of all of the deep fried food, was crisp and refreshing. The fries themselves were nice and crisp on the exterior and served piping hot. My only substantial complaint about the meal comes from portion size being a bit on the small side. The servings of fish themselves were all very moist and fresh. The cod was flaky and the salmon retained much of its natural flavours.

My dining companion ordered halibut & cod and it was served in much the same fashion. Once again everything on the plate was on the small side.

My friend and I both requested extra chipotle and garlic aioli (for an extra nominal price) and decided that they were alright, but not necessary. The tartar served with the fish was sufficient and makes for an even better dip than either of the two above pictured sauces.

When all was said and done, I enjoyed my meal at Go Fish. Overall, everything about it was “nice”, but nothing wowed me. The portion size is an issue, which might prevent me from coming back of my own accord. Especially when one factors in the seemingly inflated prices, I would be hard pressed to return for such a simple dish, but on the flip side, I suppose a restauranteur must make ends meet while paying the overhead costs for this location relative to their Granville Island stall.

Go Fish (Broadway)
1521 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 734-9421

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  1. Andy says:

    I drive by this frequently but have never had the chance to try it out because I absolutely detest parking in the area; perhaps I’m better off with their stall?

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