Cozmos Cappuccino Bar & Grill

Cozmos Cappuccino Bar & Grill.

Once again heading to a new food spot, my cohort, Tomasz (of who was gracious enough to be guest photographer on this blog post) and I decided to meet up for brunch at Cozmos Cappuccino Bar & Grill. I’m always game for a spot of brunch and this was no exception. Located near the eastern most end of Hastings Street, Cozmos is a bit out of the way for all those who don’t frequent the area, but should you find yourself close by then I would recommend taking in the laid back atmosphere and decor even if only for a quick snack.

The somewhat gaudy signage, much akin to that of a laser tag place, clashes with the tranquility within.

Open for breakfast daily.

The dark wooden theme permeates the majority of the restaurant imparting a rich, warm and inviting atmosphere onto those that enter. Aside from the TV’s hung around the establishment, most of the decor looks and feels solid and vintage. Even with Hastings Street only a dozen feet away, one could easily lose themselves within the depths of this small establishment.

Ordering green tea, we made our brunch requests of the very cordial and quip filled waiter, whom I can only assume either manages or maybe even owns Cozmos. Sitting back, it was not long before our food had arrived.

Coincidentally we both ordered the Eggs Florentine, which is served up as roasted chunky hash browns, two eggs benedict laid over toasted english muffin halfs under a generously poured hollandaise, with orange wedges as garnish.

The hash browns were slightly crispy on the exterior and wonderfully tender on the inside. Seasoned perfectly, I probably could have devoured 3 more servings of it without hesitation. From the speed with which the food arrived, I am inclined to say that much of it is prepared beforehand, which usually detracts severely from the food, but it was only a minor afterthought on this occasion.

Another indicator of the pre-made nature of our food was the fully cooked egg yolk within the eggs benedict. Half of the enjoyment of eating eggs benedict is derived from the sheer eating pleasure that comes with sopping up a runny egg yolk with the rest of the food on your plate. Alas, we were both robbed of that joy on this occasion. The hollandaise itself was very rich and buttery, but at the same time one could almost see that it was made from a larger batch and ever so slightly starting to separate. Whilst one could argue that all of the aforementioned negatives would culminate in a poor eating experience, I was still quite satisfied with the whole affair.

Here are a couple of shots from this meal, just for fun:

As this spot is a little out of the way, unless you live in the area or frequent it for some other reason, it is difficult to justify traveling across two cities for a less than stellar eggs benedict. But if you do happen to find yourself in the neighbourhood with a craving for breakfast/brunch, in house baked goods or a leisurely snack, you may want to give this quaint little restaurant a try. From the quirky (and assumed of French descent) staffer to the cool/seldom replicated vibe, I couldn’t have enjoyed myself too much more without somehow feeling karmically guilty.

Thanks again go to Tomasz for providing some creative input for this post!

Cozmos Cappuccino Bar & Grill
6691 Hastings Street
Burnaby, B.C.
(604) 205-5831

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