C Restaurant

C Restaurant.

Taking full advantage of a Groupon, a couple of friends and I took to C Restaurant for a relaxed brunch on one of the few remaining sunny days of the summer. In fact, the weather was so nice that all of the patrons were enjoying their food on the extensive patio overlooking false creek and across the water to Granville Island.

There is a lot of people watching to be had as the restaurant stretches right into the seawall.

Aside from the occasional runners and dog walkers, this stretch of the seawall was quite calm and that made for a very leisurely meal. It wasn’t until I started writing this post that I realized it would be more photo centric than usual. Seated promptly in the sun, as requested, we lounged and chatted until our order was taken.

Heat lamps make it possible to stretch patio season a little longer (at least on drier nights). I liked how the restaurant interior opened right out onto the patio.

The Groupon was good for half price on the Chef’s Menu Tasting brunch. It’s usually on the pricey end of things, so this was a great value.

Ordering up an orange juice, I couldn’t tell if it was fresh squeezed or Tropicana. Either way, it was a nice start.

We also ordered earl grey tea, which came in a nice teapot sided by unrefined sugar.

A bit of an unexpected surprise arrived first in the form of a mini cornbread and aioli amuse bouche. The cornbread was dense and the aioli helped cut how dry it was.

Our first course was the Granola Parfait. I enjoyed eating this dish, which was comprised of yogurt covered granola with fresh melons. The crunchy and dry granola contrasted nicely with the juicy melons and refreshing yogurt. The shreds of mint were actually quite prevalent taste wise. This was by no means a very large portion, but it was a nice way to start the meal.

Smoked Larry Albright Trout Salad was tabled next. An interesting mix of arugula, smoked trout, candied ginger, pink grapefruit and a pumpkin seed dressing. To be blunt, there wasn’t very much trout in the dish and the grapefruit chunks were few and far between. The bitterness of the arugula was nicely contrasted against the other flavours though.

This image of the dish better shows some of the other ingredients in the salad, although the image is a bit blown out from the back lit sun streaming in.

Fun fact: Dr. Larry Albright is a retired marine biologist with Simon Fraser University that has pioneered freshwater fish farming and now co-owns a salmon and trout aquaculture company. Hence the name of this dish.

And now onto the more substantial third course of the meal. Eggs benedict with hollandaise over a slice of ham and english muffin. Garnished with some fried prosciutto the dish has fresh melon slices and potato hash as sides.

The eggs benedict were perfectly cooked and the hollandaise was rich and well incorporated. Sodium for the eggs and english muffin were provided by the sauce as well as the prosciutto and ham. The slices of watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe were fresh and provided some continuity with the granola dish. The potato hash however was rather tasteless and dry, which I found odd as they looked quite seasoned.

A bit of photographic proof that the eggs benedict were prepared quite superbly.

Last to the table were the mini mint chocolate chip ice cream cones. Presented nicely in espresso cups, the mini cones hit the spot and were wrought throughout with chocolate chunks. My own cone actually had a large hunk of chocolate in it that probably took up 50% of the ice cream itself! The mint in the ice cream was again quite apparent just as it was in the granola dish.

My experience at C Restaurant was in good company and full of warm service and tasty food. Coupled with beautiful Vancouver weather the meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. A great time.

C Restaurant
2-1600 Howe Street (on the seawall)
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 681-1164

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