Akasaka Japanese Restaurant

Akasaka Japanese Restaurant.

Another little gem in the heart of the Guildford area of Surrey, Akasaka Japanese Restaurant has stolen the show for me in terms of specialty sushi rolls. Always smiling/friendly customer service and a menu full of unique rolls has had me coming back to this place on several occasions in recent memory. If you’re looking for a bit of a change up from the regular sushi found at most Japanese restaurants and you’re in this area of town, don’t overlook the opportunity to give this place a try.

One plus about the restaurant is the abundance of private booths it has to offer. Whether I’m with a group of people or just on a date, I’ve only ever been seated in one of the many shoes off private booths. Korean owned and operated, Akasaka is another instance where Korean BBQ meets Japanese food, much like Shabusen, but without the quality degradation of an all you can eat menu. I stick strictly to the Japanese food here and it’s served me well.

Complimentary edamame come with every meal and help to satiate hunger until the real food arrives. Pretty generic in flavour, I still thought it was a nice touch.

The first specialty roll that we got was the Crazy Boy roll which I would describe as spicy tuna and crab meat box sushi that has been deep fried and topped with more real crab meat. I’ve found that deep fried rolls have become a nice change up from the ordinary and this particular rendition is no exception. Make sure to eat it while it is fresh and still hot to take advantage of the crisp exterior and warm interior. We also ordered the French Kiss roll (missed the photo opportunity), which comes in a similarly deep fried, box sushi form, but is instead filled with crab, avacado, cream cheese and chopped scallop and topped with tobiko. Both of these choices are probably safe if you are looking for something tasty and different.

Our third specialty sushi dish, the Fire Cracker roll, arrived as spicy scallop with slivers of cucumber wrapped in rice and topped with spicy tuna and tobiko. Yet again another interesting and unique roll, this one wasn’t quite as poignant as the first two, but the mating of spicy chopped scallop and tuna did make for a different eating experience (if in reality not all that spicy).

One of our numbers was craving tempura, so we ordered an assorted dish that included three prawn tempura, a string bean, a few pieces of sweet potato, carrot and even a piece of broccoli. Lightly battered and deep fried, the tempura arrived hot and fresh from the kitchen.

Also sharing a chicken don (pictured after already consuming half of it) might be more up your alley should you not be interested in sushi when dining at Akasaka. I thought that being given the choice of having your chicken don cooked with egg scrambled in or not was a nice little consideration made by the waitress. The dish comes with plenty of dashi coated rice that nests a portion of chicken (with or without egg) that is enough to ensure chicken with each mouthful of rice. A good and filling alternative.

Generic miso soup comes with the chicken don. Not special in it’s own right, but a little something extra to eat with the rice bowl.

On this last visit to Akasaka we also ordered a few regular sushi to round out the meal. The california roll in the foreground was fairly unexciting, but the chopped scallop roll was literally buried under tobiko. Both of these rolls were rather ho hum and were just ordered to ensure that we left the restaurant satisfied.

I also opted to grab an negitoro roll just to see what it was like from this restaurant. I usually use toro (tuna belly) nigiri as my benchmark for sushi freshness and quality at Japanese restaurants. Unfortunately I haven’t felt the need to order nigiri at this restaurant as I usually focus on the specialty rolls, but a spot of green onion macerated tuna belly is always welcome. And from what I can tell the fish here is fresh.

Akasaka Japanese restaurant is another shining example of how Korean run Japanese restaurants have their good points. I am almost inclined to peg this genre of food as an interesting spin on the regular old played out sushi found everywhere in the city so that I can justify coming back once again. While the price you might pay for some of their specialty rolls can be seen as somewhat exorbitant, their servings are filling enough to almost justify it.

Akasaka Japanese Restaurant
15110 101 Avenue
Surrey, B.C.
(604) 588-8656

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